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August 2012
LifeTrek Bulletin Board

1. REGISTER NOW FOR EVOCATIVE COACHING TRAINING. The September training cohort launches on Wednesday, September 5, 2012 at 8:00 PM Eastern US Time, and we already have several registrations for that. You can still register using this link: September registration.

Sponsored by our affiliate, the Center for School Transformation, this training program does an excellent job of equipping school leaders, teachers, coaches, and others involved in relationship-based professional development to enhance your effectiveness and job satisfaction.

The training program will run for thirteen sessions, each about 90-minutes in length, not counting November 21, 2012. More sections will be offered as enrollment grows. For more information, visit the Training Tab on the Center's website. If you have any questions, we encourage you to submit the Contact Form on the School Transformation website. We look forward to hearing from you!

2. EVOCATIVE COACHING YOUTUBE VIDEOS. Interested in learning more about Evocative Coaching, our coaching model and training program for coaches in K-12 schools? You can visit our website,, as well as our YouTube Channel, where we have posted three video clips describing how the process works.

3. MAESTRO CONFERENCE. We teach Evocative Coaching using the Maestro Conference bridgeline. It is an amazing and yet simple technology that allows conference calls to break into dyads, triads, or any size breakout session. Once you experience it, you'll never go back to old-school conference lines where everyone has a microphone in one room together. Interested in checking it out? Learn more at

4. LIFETREK ON KINDLE. Have you been wanting an easy and convenient way to read Provisions and other great material from LifeTrek Coaching while using your Amazon Kindle? Then look no further. Your dreams have been answered! You can now subscribe to Provision on your Amazon Kindle, along with extra coaching tidbits, for a small, monthly fee. I encourage you to give it a look. Subscribe Now.

5. CELEBRATEWELLNESS.COM. For more than ten years LifeTrek staff members have written Provisions and Pathways regarding health, wellness, and optimal well-being. Indeed, we love to coach people around meeting these existential needs! Our writings are archived at We hope you will visit soon and often!

6. CELEBRATEEMPATHY.COM. To learn more about the process of honest expression and empathic reception, visit out latest Celebrate! website, The site features resources and training opportunities in Nonviolent Communication (NVC).

7. CELEBRATECONGREGATIONS.COM. If you are involved with a church or congregation in need of transformation and renewal, Appreciative Inquiry and professional coaching provides a powerful combination for making things different. To learn more and to contact us for a possible consultation, visit

8. COACHING PROGRAMS. LifeTrek offers a full range of individual and group coaching programs. In addition to what you read every week in Provisions concerning your personal and professional development, did you know that LifeTrek also does a wide range of organizational development work and leadership coaching? For a good description of our other coaching programs, available to individuals and institutions, Click Here, or go to

9. LISTENING E-BOOK & AUDIO SERIES. Bob Tschannen-Moran recently completed a series of Provisions on Listening that he has now turned into a 41-page e-Book together with an audio series that he recorded along with Margaret Moore from the Wellcoaches Corporation. In addition to learning the "10 Keys to Better Listening," this e-Book and Audio Series will enable you to appreciate the humor and insight of Bob's perspective and voice. If you're not ready to start work with a LifeTrek coach, this series on Listening is the next best thing. Working through the 10 Keys, and listening to the audio recording, will assist you to reap the personal and professional benefits of better listening. To order, visit our Online Catalog at

10. VISIT THE LIFETREK ARCHIVES. Did you know that every Provision, Poem, and Pathway that has ever been produced by LifeTrek Coaching over the past five years (about a thousand pages of printed material) is archived on our Web site, with a convenient search engine so you can find exactly what you are looking for? We use this ourselves to make sure we don't repeat ourselves too often! Just visit our Web site, and follow the appropriate links. Enjoy!

11. COACHING CHAT ROOM. For free on-line coaching, visit the LifeTrek Coaching Chat Room on the Web at If no coach is in the room, use the Mobile Feedback Form to arrange an appointment time.

12. SUBSCRIPTION INFORMATION. LifeTrek Provisions goes to more than 15,000 subscribers in 152 countries, via email and web-enabled mobile devices. Click here to: Subscribe by E-mail.

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