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Want to learn how to transform schools, one conversation at a time? Visit our companion website and program center There you will find resources and information on coaching training, on-site workshops, leadership coaching, and whole-system transformation initiatives.

The next round of coaching training in our unique Evocative Coaching process starts on January 18, 2012 at 8 PM Eastern US Time. The program runs for 13 sessions, including 20 hours of experiential learning and hands-on training. Register now to receive a $100 early-bird discount off the registration price.

Anyone concerned about or tasked with the responsibility for improving the performance of teachers in schools, or for coaching in any work setting, will benefit from this accessible program which takes place in a virtual classroom created through advanced telephone conference technologies.

For more information or to register for the program, click on the Training Tab at the Center for School Transformation website. Anyone with a phone can participate both easily and economically. Although geared to coaching in schools, anyone who coaches in organizations can benefit. We invite you to give the training a try.

Based upon our book, Evocative Coaching: Transforming Schools One Conversation At A Time, the training equips leaders, coaches, teachers, staff developers, and other educators to use our person-centered, no-fault, strengths-based approach to transformational change.

Graduates will earn 2 CEUs, the opportunity to be certified as either a Leadership or Teacher Development Coach by the Center for School Transformation, and the foundation for certification through the International Association of Coaching.

Coaching Inquiries: What has been your relationship to school transformation? How could you strengthen your capacities? What interest might you have in learning the Evocative Coaching process? Who could you tell about the program and how could you share the training together?

We invite you Contact Us to arrange using the form below if you are interested in learning more about or participating in the Evocative Coaching Training Program.

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